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Account Settings

How do I update my profile?

To change your display name or avatar, click on the Settings icon at the top of the left hand pane, then select Account.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password in two ways – one way if you aren’t logged in, and another way if you are.

If you aren’t logged in, click on ‘I don’t know my password’ on the Sign In screen. Enter your email address, then confirm that you want to change your password by entering the code from the email you received, or by clicking the link from the email. Once done, you will be prompted to enter a new password.

If you are logged in, you can change your password by clicking on the Settings icon at the top of the left hand pane, selecting Account, then Change Password. If you have not previously set a password for your account, for example you’ve logged in with Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you will be prompted to set a password here instead.

What do the rings around my profile photo mean?

You can tell a user’s status by the colour of the ring around their avatar. Yack.net will display one of three status indicators for every user.

  • A green ring indicates that the user is online, logged into Yack.net and ready to chat.
  • An orange ring indicates that the user has set their own status to “busy” and may choose not to respond to posts and nudges.
  • A red ring indicates that the user is not online or is logged out of Yack.net. This status can also be selected by the user so that they appear as offline to other users.

All three are global statuses and will be shown for all the yacks to which the user belongs.

How do I change my status?
  1. Click on your avatar in the top left hand corner of the Yack.net interface
  2. Click on “Busy” to change the ring around your avatar to orange, and click on “Offline” to change the ring to red.

To change your status back, click on your avatar and select another option.

Can I leave Yack.net forever?

To permanently leave Yack.net click on the “Deactivate Account” link in Account Settings. You will be asked to confirm deactivation when you click on the link.

When you deactivate your Yack.net account, you will immediately stop receiving notifications, and other members will see your status as inactive. You will have a month during which you can reactivate your account by logging in.

After one month your personal contact details will be deleted and you will have to rejoin Yack.net as a new member. At this time any yacks in which you were the sole member will also be permanently deleted.

Note: When you end your relationship with Yack.net, all your personal contact details, such as your email and social media sign-ins, are deleted, but your messages, files and avatar continue to be displayed in yacks in which you participated.

Using Yack.net

How do I set up a new conversation?
  1. Click on the “New yack” button at the top of the left-hand panel to load the “Create new yack” dialog.
  2. In the first field add in the name of at least one person you want to talk with. This is the only information that is required.

Optionally you can give your yack a name. If you choose not to, it will be named after the people you have invited. You can also provide a description, which will display at the top of the yack, to let your fellow members know what the yack is for.

How do I edit or delete my messages?

For 15 minutes after you send a message you have the option of editing it to correct mistakes or deleting it entirely.

How to edit or delete messages:

  1.  Hover over your message and select the arrow that appears
  2. Select Edit or Delete as appropriate
Can I move or quote messages?

With Yack.net you can work with posts singly or in groups. You can reference posts by quoting them, move them between yacks or use them as the seed for an entirely new conversation.

Quoting and moving posts are different. When you move a post it is deleted from the original yack and added to the new one in its original position. This means that if you move a post that was made at 1pm on December 1, it will be added to the new yack as if it was made at 1pm on December 1.

By contrast, when you quote a post in a new yack it appears as the latest post in that conversation, attributed to you.

When moving posts, you will be alerted if, as a result of the move, some members of the existing yack will lose their ability to view the post in its new home.

How to move or quote messages:

  1. Hover over the post you want to move or quote. You will see a context arrow to the right-hand side of the post.
  2. Click on the arrow to show the context menu.
  3. Select the operation you wish to perform. A pop up will display, allowing you to select the yack you wish to move the post to, or quote it in.

Want to move or quote multiple message?:

  1. Put the yack into select mode by hovering over the post, clicking on the context arrow and choosing “Select” from the context menu. Alternatively you can click on the yack settings button – the three vertical dots on the top right-hand side of the yack pane and choose “Select” from there.
  2. The select menu will appear in the yack header and checkboxes will show next to each post.
  3. Choose the posts you want to move then select an action from the select menu.
How do I upload files?

There are two ways to upload files:

  1. Drag the file or files you want to upload over the central yack pane.
  2. Alternatively, click on the upload file button to the left of the message entry box to display the file selection dialog.
How do I invite people to Yack.net?

You invite people to Yack.net from within specific yacks (conversations).

  1. Select the “Manage” button from the header of the yack, or from the yack menu select “Manage members”.
  2. The “Manage members” dialog will display, allowing you to enter the name of an existing Yack.net member, or an email address.
  3. When you click “Update”, your invitee(s) will receive an email which will lead them through the account creation process.

To invite people to a new yack, select the “New yack” button in the left hand pane and in the first field, enter the name or email address of the invitee. When you click “Create”, your invitee(s) will receive the invitation email.

What is a nudge?

Nudging is a mechanism where you can have a private conversation with someone within a yack. When you receive a nudge you are notified in several different ways, including by a sound notification and an email.

To send a nudge:

  1. Hover over their avatar in the central yack conversation pane to bring up the menu options for interacting with other members.
  2. Select “Send a nudge” to load the nudge dialog. You can add an optional message to attach to your nudge.
What are priorities?

You can apply a priority setting to each of your yacks. This allows you to control the type and frequency of notifications you receive whenever those yacks are updated. There are three settings you can select from:

  • Watching: This is the lowest priority setting and is intended for when you don’t really need to be involved but want to keep abreast of what is going on
  • In the loop: This setting is for yacks in which you are an active contributor but which are not mission critical. By default, we will be slightly more robust in letting you know when there are new messages – but we won’t be knocking your door down!
  • Important: Use this for mission- or time-critical conversations when the minutes count. We’ll be using all of the options to let you know there are updates to be seen.

By default, when you join a yack your priority level is set to “Important”. Other members of that yack cannot see the priority level you have assigned.

You can view the available notification options and customise them per priority by clicking the Settings icon and then selecting “Notifications”.

How do I get notifications?

There are a total of seven different notification mechanisms that can be employed to make sure that you get important updates when you want them. The seven are:

  • Updates to your timeline in the right-hand pane
  • Badges on yacks in the left-hand pane
  • Badges in your browser tab or app icon badges (if you are using the desktop app)
  • Desktop notifications (if you have the desktop app installed on your computer)
  • Push notifications (if you have the Android or iOS versions installed)
  • Receiving an email whenever a new post is made (to come)
  • Daily email summaries (to come)

By default, the type and number of notifications you receive is controlled by the priority setting you have assigned to the yack. You can personalise your notifications by building your own notification scheme and assigning it to a priority level.

How do I merge conversations into one?

When you have a number of yacks covering the same general subject area, it can sometimes be helpful to see them together.

Merged views are unique to you – no-one else can see them – and when you create a merged view, the yacks in the view will stay merged until you decide to unmerge them. Merged yacks are colour-coded so you can easily tell which post belongs to which yack. You can merge up to 9 yacks together (8 plus the currently selected yack).

To merge conversations:

  1. Every yack you belong to is displayed in the left-hand pane – with the most recently updated bubbling to the top. Each yack is shown with a plus next to the name.
  2. Click on the plus to merge a yack with the active yack. The name of the merged yack and the colour associated with it are displayed in the yack header.
  3. To unmerge yacks, click on the small x button that appears next to the yack name in the header.
How do I leave a conversation?

Leaving a yack is not the same as deactivating your Yack.net account. It just means that you no longer wish to be a part of that conversation.

When you leave a yack your posts remain on display in the history of the conversation. Your avatar is still displayed in the list of members, but it is shown as inactive and greyed out. When you leave a yack, no remaining members can nudge you from within that yack.

The only way in which you can rejoin a yack is to be invited by an existing member.

How to leave a yack:

  1. Click on the menu (three vertical dots) at the top of the yack conversation panel to display the management options for that yack.
  2. Select “Leave this yack”.


What is an organization?

Organizations allow users to benefit from the business features of Yack.net. An organization groups together a collection of users and permits them to record and transcribe their video and audio calls, increase their file storage, upload custom branding and much more.

All organizations give you a 7 day free trial before you’re required to pay. There are three different tiers of Yack.net to choose from, for all budgets. For more information on what each tier contains and the prices, see the pricing page.

How do I set up an organization?

To set up an organization, click on the yellow ‘Add organization’ button at the bottom of the left hand pane. Choose a name for your organization, and then that’s it, your organization is set up!

What's the difference between owners and admins?

Only organization owners are able to sign up for a Yack.net subscription, view statements and change the billing information. Both organization owners and admins can add company branding, add and remove members, view organization files and attach an email domain to the organization.

What's the difference between members and guests?

Members are people you have actively invited to be a part of your organization on the ‘Members’ section of Organization Settings. They can create conversations (yacks) attached to your organization, and are able to add and remove members from organization yacks, among other things. You are billed for each member of your organization.

Guests are people who have only been invited into yacks attached to your organization. They have limited functionality available to them – for example they cannot add or remove users, move or quote messages, and they cannot create yacks attached to your organization. You are not billed for guest users.

How do I add employees to my organization?

To add employees to your Yack.net organization, go to the ‘Members’ section of Organization Settings and select ‘Add some more’. From there, you can either invite users individually using their email address, or choose to add multiple users by uploading a CSV file. In the CSV file, the first column should be the user’s name; the second column should be the user’s email address.

You can also add guests to your organization from the ‘Guests’ section. Click on the down arrow next to the guest and select ‘Add to organization’.

How do I remove a member from my organization?

To remove someone from your Yack.net organization, go to the ‘Members’ section of Organization Settings. Click on the down arrow next to the member, and select ‘Remove’.

If removing the user would mean that there would be no other organization users in a yack where guests are present, you are given the option to cancel the removal of the user, or to remove the user and add yourself to these yacks in their place.

To remove guests from your organization yacks, go to the ‘Guests’ section of Organization Settings. Click on the down arrow next to the guest and select ‘Remove from all organization yacks’.

How do I add my company logo to conversations?

Conversations belonging to your organization can display your company branding. In the ‘General Settings’ section of Organization Settings you can upload a large logo and a small image/icon. The large logo will appear in the header of every yack attached to your organization, while the small icon displays next to the name of every organization member, in yacks attached to your organization.

What are my file limits?

The file limits for your organization depend on the plan that you have subscribed to, as well as the number of members of your organization. For file limit information, have a look at the Pricing page.

To find out the remaining file storage you have available to your organization, go to the ‘Manage Files’ section of Organization Settings. In the top right hand corner your available file space will be displayed.

How do I update my billing information?

Billing information can only be viewed and updated by the organization owner. To edit your payment information or billing address, go to the ‘Billing’ section of Organization Settings and click on the ‘View Self Service Page’ link. Once changes have been made to this screen, click on Update. The changes will be saved, and you will be redirected back into Yack.net.

Can I see a list of statements?

Organization owners can view statements for their Yack.net subscription in the ‘Statements’ section of Organization Settings.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Only the organization owner can cancel a Yack.net subscription. Email our customer service team on support@yack.net with your organization name, the email address used to set up the organization and the reason for cancelling, and we will do this for you.


How do I call someone on Yack.net?

To call someone, you need to both belong to the same conversation (yack). In the header of the yack, to the right of the yack name, will be a phone icon. Click on the icon and then select whether you would like the call to be video or audio. If you are in a yack with more than one person, you will also get the option to alert specific users to the call. However, when a call is in progress in a yack, any member of that yack can join the call, even if they weren’t originally notified of it starting.

Can I make an audio call?

Yes. On the set up call screen you can choose between starting a video and an audio call. When you accept a call you have the choice of answering with video, or audio only (with your camera turned off). You can also turn your camera off at any point during a call to to make it audio only.

How do I see transcriptions from my calls?

If you have chosen to enable transcription on your call, after the call has finished you will see a ‘Waiting for transcription’ message. Once the transcription has been generated, click on the ‘Open’ link and the transcription will display below. Playing the call highlights the correct transcribed section on screen.

Hovering over a transcribed part of the call displays the options to play back the call from that specific point, and also to edit the transcript (see question below). The timestamp on the right hand side lets you more easily find the part of the call you are looking for.

How do I correct a transcribed message?

Hover over a transcribed part of the call and you will see the option to ‘edit’. Changes you make here are updated for everyone. Unlike with normal messages, there is no time limit in which transcripts can be edited.

How do I access the calls I recorded?

The audio and video calls that have been recorded can be viewed inside the yack where they were held. Select the ‘Play’ link to replay the call from the beginning, or hover over a line in the transcript and select the ‘Play’ link to start the recording from that point.

You can also play back a call recording from directly from search, by searching for a word contained in a transcribed call.

My computer/device has two cameras. How do I change them?

During a call, you can change the camera that you are using as well as your microphone. To do this, click on the settings icon and then select another camera/microphone as desired. The changes you make will be remembered next time you make or receive a call.

How do I make the call screen larger?

To make the video call take up more of your screen, you can select and drag the black bar at the bottom of the video panel. You can also make the video take up your entire screen by clicking the full screen icon towards the top right hand side of the video section.

How do I mute myself on a call?

Click the microphone icon at the top right of your screen to turn off your microphone, and click it again to turn it back on. Other people on the call will be be able to see that your microphone is muted.

How do I turn off my camera on a call?

Click the video camera icon at the top right of your screen to turn off your camera, and click it again to turn it back on. Other people on the call will be be able to see that your camera is turned off.

How do I view messages and files when I'm on a mobile call?

On small devices, calls are full screen by default. To view messages and files, click on the yack speech bubble icon.

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