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Screen Sharing

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Audio and Video Calls

Call other members of your team with optional high resolution video at the click of a button. You also have the option to share your screen to show off your workspace. View a recording of the call instantly after it ends, so everyone can catch up with what was said. 

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Call Transcription

Choose to enable speech to text transcription on your video calls. Search through all your conversations and play back the call from the point you want to hear, straight from search. Learn more about transcription.

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Oversight and Control

Set up new rooms with organization members and guests. Easily remove people from all conversations with one click. Track business critical conversations. Search the entire archive of all the yacks attached to your organization.

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Join multiple Yack.net organizations. Invite clients to contribute to your discussions. Don’t worry about not being able to find someone from your company – they’re all right there in your contacts book.

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Set up Yack.net how you want. Customisation options let you curate your Yack.net experience. Set up merged views of conversations for greater context. Easily move posts between different rooms and start new ones.

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Spend less time searching for the right email or decision – it’s all neatly organised where you need it. And when you join a room you’ll see the whole conversation history so you’ll get up to speed – fast!


Use Yack.net as an instant messenger. Decide how engaged you want to be with specific conversations and set up appropriate notification levels so you don’t constantly feel under siege.

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Yack.net is hosted on Amazon’s ISO 27001 certified servers. Service updates go through a rigorous security audit before deployment, and all code is peer-reviewed and subjected to a suite of security tests and analysis.

Everywhere. All the time

Yack.net is truly cross-platform and its powerful, configurable notification system ensures you are never out of the loop.

Yack on Desktop, iOS and Android, Tablets and Phones

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