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Enquir3 and have partnered to deliver a powerful collaboration platform helping you to streamline communication both internally and with customers and suppliers helping to keep response times lightening quick and customer statisfaciton high.

With everything streamlined it is as easy as search, find and play!

Business 250


per member per month when billed annually or £9 billed monthly

Call using the platform

  • 250 call minutes (per member per month)¹
  • 250 guest minutes (per member per month)³

1 month storage of recorded calls

*Free 14 day trial period – cancel at any time during the trial at no cost

Business 500


per member per month when billed annually or £18 billed monthly

Call using the platform

  • 500 call minutes (per member per month)²
  • 500 guest minutes (per member per month)³

1 year storage of recorded calls

*Free 14 day trial period – cancel at any time during the trial at no cost

Business Unlimited


per member per month when billed annually or £36 billed monthly

Call using the platform

  • Unlimited call minutes between yack users
  • Unlimited guest minutes across the yack platform
  • Up to 1000 minutes (per member per month) of calls to phone numbers

Up to 7 years storage of recorded calls

*Free 14 day trial period – cancel at any time during the trial at no cost

All plans include

  • Invite unlimited guests and create unlimited conversations
  • Web apps for Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Native apps for iOS, Android and Windows desktop
  • Dial-up and conference room access to join calls
  • Social sign in – Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter
  • Branded version of for your organization
  • Search your entire archive
  • Dedicated online support
1. Calls with recording and transcription are hosted by the media server. They use’s patent pending technology to automatically transcribe the call. Call minutes are shared between all members of your team. i.e. if you have 10 members on the Business 500 plan, you will receive 10 * 500 = 5000 minutes of recorded and transcribed calls per month to share between your users.
2. Guest minutes for calls with recording and transcription are used by people who are not part of your team, but have been invited to participate in conversations that belong to your team.
3. Subject to fair usage.
4. Additional minutes available POA.

For Business Users

Audio and Video Calls

Call other members of your team with optional high resolution video at the click of a button. You also have the option to share your screen to show off your workspace. View a recording of the call instantly after it ends, so everyone can catch up with what was said. 

Call Transcription

Choose to enable speech to text transcription on your video calls. Search through all your conversations and play back the call from the point you want to hear, straight from search. Learn more about transcription.

Oversight and Control

Set up new rooms with organization members and guests. Easily remove people from all conversations with one click. Track business critical conversations. 


Join multiple organizations. Invite clients to contribute to your discussions. Don’t worry about not being able to find someone from your company – they’re all right there in your contacts book.

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For All Users


Set up how you want. Customisation options let you curate your experience. Set up merged views of conversations for greater context. Easily move posts between different rooms and start new ones.


Spend less time searching for the right email or decision – it’s all neatly organised where you need it. And when you join a room you’ll see the whole conversation history so you’ll get up to speed – fast!


Use as an instant messenger. Decide how engaged you want to be with specific conversations and set up appropriate notification levels so you don’t constantly feel under siege.

Security is hosted on Amazon’s ISO 27001 certified servers. Service updates go through a rigorous security audit before deployment, and all code is peer-reviewed and subjected to a suite of security tests and analysis.

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Stay Connected

Easy Connection to Hubspot

Easily connect to Hubspot to enable outbound calling that can be saved directly into your contact timeline to be searched and played.

Need to integrate with another CRM system, no problem just give us a call to set that up!

Stay Connected Any Place Any Time

Available via browsers, Windows desktop app, Android and iOS you can stay connected on any device wherever you are from PC or laptop to phone or iPad.

Easy to Reach Team

Our team is only a message or call away where we can help you with getting started, answer questions and support you moving forward.

We have an extensive help section but we appreciate that sometimes it is just nice to pick up the phone and have someone to talk and help out.


Open API

With an open API we can easily connect with 3rd party custom systems allowing you to benefit from the platform whilst keeping your existing systems in place.

We can also help with the integration should you need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our more frequently asked questions can be found down below.

For additional questions we also have a support section that covers all aspects of using

What is an Organisation?

Organisations allow users to benefit from the business features of An organisation groups together a collection of users and permits them to record and transcribe their video and audio calls, increase their file storage, upload custom branding and much more.

How do I add employees to my organisation?

To add employees to your organization, go to the ‘Members’ section of Organization Settings and select ‘Add some more’. From there, you can either invite users individually using their email address, or choose to add multiple users by uploading a CSV file. In the CSV file, the first column should be the user’s email address.

You can also add guests to your organization from the ‘Guests’ section. Click on the down arrow next to the guest and select ‘Add to organization’.

Did this answer your question?

How do I see transcriptions from my calls?

If you have chosen to enable transcription on your call, after the call has finished you will see a ‘Waiting for transcription’ message. Once the transcription has been generated, click on the ‘Open’ link and the transcription will display below. Playing the call highlights the correct transcribed section on screen.

Hovering over a transcribed part of the call displays the options to play back the call from that specific point, and also to edit the transcript (see question below). The timestamp on the right hand side lets you more easily find the part of the call you are looking for.

How do I set up an Organisation?

To set up an organisation, click on the yellow ‘Add organisation’ button at the bottom of the left hand pane. Choose a name for your organisation, and then that’s it, your organisation is set up!

How do I call someone on Yack?

To call someone, you need to both belong to the same conversation (room). In the header of the room, to the right of the room name, will be a phone icon. Click on the icon and then select whether you would like the call to be video or audio. If you are in a room with more than one person, you will also get the option to alert specific users to the call. However, when a call is in progress in a room, any member of that room can join the call, even if they weren’t originally notified of it starting.

How do I access the calls I recorded?

The audio and video calls that have been recorded can be viewed inside the room where they were held. Select the ‘Play’ link to replay the call from the beginning, or hover over a line in the transcript and select the ‘Play’ link to start the recording from that point.

You can also play back a call recording from directly from search, by searching for a word contained in a transcribed call.

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