Yack.net Product Features

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Yack.net Basic Features

An icon of a speech bubble

Set up unlimited conversations

As many conversations with as many participants as you like

An icon of a ringing phone

Video & audio conferencing

Invite up to four participants to a video or audio call

An icon of a ringing phone

Screen Sharing

Share your desktop windows with other users

An icon showing the outline of a figure

Reach out to the world

Chat with one person or millions – there’s really no limits on how many yacks you set up or how many people you invite

Two arrows in a circle, pointing anti-clockwise

Mix and merge posts

Conversations are about context and Yack.net gives you the ability to define your own

Two quotation marks

Move and quote

Manage posts efficiently by moving them between conversations

An icon of a PDF file

Store and share files

Upload up to 1GB of files using drag and drop

An icon of a hand pointing

Nudge feature

Attract someone’s attention with a nudge – it’s like a digital elbow in the ribs!

An icon showing the Facebook logo

Sign up via Google, Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter

Create an account or sign in using your social networks. Associate different email addresses with one account

An icon of a bell

Manage notification levels

Assign a priority for each yack and set the notifications you want

An icon of a magnifying glass

Search through your last 10,000 posts

Search content, users and files to find what you want when you need it

An icon of a smiley face

Use emojis

Because sometimes a picture paints a thousand words

Yack.net Business Features

Everything in Yack.net Basic plus …

An icon of a microphone

Speech to Text Transcription

Make your video and audio calls searchable

An icon of a phone next to a plus sign

Enhanced video and audio conferencing

Invite up to six participants to a video or audio call

An icon of a two hexagons, one inside the other

Set up and brand Yack.net as you wish

Make your company’s yacks individual by adding your own branding

An icon showing an outline of two figures

Easily add everyone with your company’s email address

Allow new employees to automatically join your Yack.net organization

An icon of a shield

Keep things confidential

Make users guests of your Yack.net organization to control and limit their access

An icon of a crescent moon behind a cloud

Nightly back-ups keep your data safe

Secure storage in an ISO270001 rated external facility

An icon of a clock showing 5 o clock

Unlimited searches from the beginning of time

If you belong to a Yack.net organization you can search the content of all the yacks you belong to – whether they are attached to that organization or not

An icon showing the outline of a head with a headset

Dedicated support

Your own support mailbox with speedy response times

An icon showing a file with the words 10 GB

Up to 1TB storage for every user in your Yack.net organization

Plenty of space for all your working documents