New Update: Hubspot Integration

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Update Notes


We are excited to announce that we have just update Yack which includes launching our new Hubspot integration along with additional Yack features

For all you Hubspot users out there this will help to keep more of your records all in one place and those that want a reason to move to Hubspot here it is!

We have worked hard to deliver the same great functionality the Yack platform has and make it usable straight from within Hubspot and getting up and running couldn’t be simpler.


Key Features:

  • Make calls directly to geographic and non-geographic numbers in the UK as well as to many international destinations
  • 1 click call initiation from within the Hubspot contact or company
  • Call recording prompt to enable users to inform customers
  • Automatic transcribing of recorded calls
  • Recorded calls saved into the Hubspot timeline
  • Recorded calls can be viewed, replayed and are fully searchable from the Hubspot timeline
  • Get a new number to display outbound or have us set it up to display your existing outbound number
  • Works on any package and any level of Hubspot licence


Hubspot Integration


Once set up and connected via the main Yack platform contacts and companies will have a Yack icon displayed beneath any contact number.

From here a simple click will initiate a call via Yack to the telephone number.

Once the call has been initiated a pop up dialog box will appear showing the number dialled along with mute and end call buttons.

There is also a tick box to state that call recording is required. This is useful for companies that wish to inform the 3rd party of the recording and helps to prompt the caller.

The provided recording and transcript will show at what stage the box was ticked.

This can be disabled in the main Yack settings should you wish all calls to be recorded.

Should he user forget to check the box a warning will appear at the end of the call and there is the opportunity to save the recording. Once the pop up window has been closed the system will not save the call if there has been no requet to do so.

Once the call is completed it will be saved into the timeline on Hubspot.

From here the call can be viewed by selecting “View transcription”

Viewing the call will open a pop up window showing you the complete transcript of that call where you can play the call back from the beginning or from any point within the transcript.

You are also able to download the transcript as a CSV file which will contain links back to the call.

On the right is the search feature allowing you to quickly and easily search this call along with all other calls within the contact or company timeline. All of this can be done whilst a on another call allowing you to easily refer back to previous conversations.

The Hubspot integration has been approved by Hubspot and can be found on their website here and it is very simple to set up on your Yack account. More information on the set up can be found in our support section.

Yack Upgrades

In addition to the Hubspot integration you can now make calls to landline, mobile and many international destinations directly through the main Yack platform by entering the phone number when creating or adding to a room.

These rooms are created in the same manner as using an email address and rooms are able to be mixed and matched between numbers and email addresses.

Rooms that contain a mixture of emails and phone numbers will still allow you to initiate video calls with the phone number joining as an audio only connection.

As with all rooms additional people can be added and see previous calls and history of the room as required.

Additional improvements to stability and small bug fixes have also been carried out to keep the platform running smoothly as expected.

Book A Call

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We are already hard at work on the next updates with calendar integration, single click guest sign in, calendar invites as well as a number of integrations with other platforms such as Salesforce and Pipedrive as well as custom 3rd party integrations.

We would love to hear from you with your feedback and about what you need after all we want our development to be guided by what customers need the most.

We look forward to speaking with you!


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