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by | Mar 21, 2019 | Update Notes

As a company that champions transparency we use our platform wherever possible to keep not only our colleagues but our customers up to date on projects and work we are carrying out. Key to that transparency is our transcription and search functions.

So needless to say it can be frustrating when you want to make a call into the office, to update a customer on our progress or have a call arranged only to find that the audio on the computer has decided to play up or you are in an area with poor internet signal trying to make a call via the mobile app.

You are left making the call using a regular landline or mobile call where the call is not saved, there is no transcription or record and the once cohesive workflow that was all contained in a single Yack room is missing pieces.

As a result we felt we needed to address these issues and are proud to announce the release of 2 brand new features in our version 1.37 update!

Along with these 2 updates we have made some changes to our user interface to accommodate the new functionality whilst providing an easy and intuitive user experience.

Alongside this release we have redesigned the pricing page of our website in order to make this clearer and more readable.

Updated User Interface

When hitting the call button to initiate a call you are presented with a new pop up window as part of the new interface presenting you with 3 options.

‘Call using this computer’ provides the same function as the platform has always had which is making a call from within the Yack platform itself.

The 2 brand new options below have been added to the same pop up to make it clear and concise as to which kind of call you wish to make.

Call using another computer

The brand new feature is ideal for conference room calling or making calls from a computer where you would not wish to fully log in, such as on a customer’s site or using a public computer.

By setting up the call within your own window you can simply enter a URL and provided code on the computer you wish to make the call from and when you are finished there is no need to log out and you can walk away reassured that you have left no personal information behind.

Call using phone dial-in

An essential feature for when your computer decides to have a mind of its own or you are trekking through the lake district and find that the internet connection on your phone just isn’t reliable enough to make a call directly on Yack.

With the phone dial-in option you simply call a regular landline number, enter the code provided and hey presto you are on an audio call from any landline or mobile!

What about my transcription?

With both the new functions the call is captured by us, recorded and transcribed just as if you had made the call on the platform in the first place and is saved into the room it belongs to alongside all your other communications.

That way you can still take advantage of the transcription and search functions. Transcription anytime anywhere!

If you would like a more detailed walk through of the new features we have a guide available here that you can check out!

Please do reach out with any questions or feedback you may have. We have a live chat function on our website where we would be happy to help or alternatively book a convenient time for you and we will give you a call.


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