My Yack Journey – Making a Network

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Advertising and Media

So being hard at work each day, it has been a real eye opener just how busy things can get! I have no doubt they will stay that way as well which can only be a good sign that business is doing well.

Over the past few weeks I have begun building up a network of people to have discussions with and it is certainly clear that without a great network of people I am ultimately doomed to failure!

Between blog posts, LinkedIn connections and status updates and, in time, various other social media outlets I get to communicate and discuss not only my own progression with Yack but how others work and progress. I get to swap ideas and thoughts and also learn from others, who have varying levels of experience from all walks of life, that i can put to good use not only in my own career but life in general.

I am able to contact my network and get to know about how their businesses currently collaborate, what they feel works well and what works not so well along with how we could potentially help to improve things for them. It has been great to talk to so many different people from different industries all with their own thoughts and ideas.

For some businesses Yack is a great way to increase overall collaboration and allow teams to not only be more transparent but helps to keep people more accountable and therefore makes everyone more effective.

Recently I spoke with a marketing agency who offer a wide range of services from traditional marketing, email and ad campaigns to website building and maintenance

They currently utilize standard methods of communication, such as phone and email, where they have previously tried to use video conferencing without much luck due to poor broadband connection in the area. I was able to fully demonstrate how Yack functions and could be of benefit to them as they work on the projects internally and liaising with their customers. Thanks to Yack’s low bandwidth requirements the connection remained stable the entire time. Not only was the demo a success but the customer was extremely pleased with what they saw and believe it will be extremely beneficial to them.

On the other end of the scale I have also discussed this with companies where the solution is not relevant to them due to the nature of their work. One such company are a warehouse distribution company whose staff are mainly based in the warehouse sending out orders. The small office staff they had all had various roles and did not have a need to collaborate with each other and so Yack would have been of no use to them.

With a little better research I would have screened this one out and moving forward I will certainly be looking a little closer at those in my network to ensure Yack is suitable for them.

In the middle are those companies that currently use similar solutions and I have had numerous discussions regarding what they currently use, how effective it is, when they review it and ultimately what we could offer that would be of benefit. The beauty of Yack is that not only can teams work together but customer, clients and suppliers can also be brought into the discussions and planning so no one is left out of the loop and the transcription ability makes life easy as people search for parts of discussions that can be 1 day, 1 week or even 6 months old.

From software development, IT management to marketing and recruitment, anywhere that groups of people work together to achieve the same goal collaboration software is useful. Using 1 central place to share ideas, updates, agendas, files and to have calls with one another means nothing gets lost and everyone has access to the same information. Yack was designed for exactly this and was initially, and continues to be, used by our busy team of software developers on a daily basis

Networking with people and having those discussions opens the door for me to collaborate not only with my own company internally but with other companies and in today’s world it is clear just how vital networking and social media platforms have become and how they are invaluable tools as we all look to help each other and grow our businesses both in terms of profits and influence.


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