My Yack Journey – 3 Days In!

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Advertising and Media

My Yack Journey – 3 Days In!

Having begun my journey only 3 days ago there is, unsurprisingly, lots to learn and plenty to do.

Whether it be ensuring I understand the software inside out and back to front, making contact with new business, discussing our awesome software with various people or just making a quick tea run I already know there will be plenty of busy days ahead.

Now some people may think this is a bad thing but for me it shows the incredible opportunity to learn, grow and progress all whilst not only helping Yack grow and improve but helping other companies maximize their own potential and increase their own efficiency meaning everyone is a winner!

3 days in and I’ve met some awesome and clearly very talented people who all aspire to achieve greatness and the work they do stands as a testament to this. Working alongside people that have passion in what they do and are also team players makes everyone’s job easier and more pleasurable as we all work towards the same goals.

Having begun discussions with various businesses it is clear many strive to achieve easier, simpler and more manageable ways of working and I am confident that Yack will be a way for this to happen.

As we move into the weekend I have been left with a sense of optimism about how these first few days have gone and how things will progress across the next week as we have more discussions with businesses and show them how we can assist them as they strive to hit their own goals.


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