My Yack Journey – Introduction to

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Advertising and Media

My Yack Journey – Introduction to

Having worked most of my adult life in the telecommunications industry, which I thoroughly enjoyed followed by a few years in the banking sector, I was recently looking for a job that I would enjoy and, importantly, one where I could make a meaningful difference.

This is when I found Alan and, himself searching for a new member of his expanding team, I was intrigued by the job and securing an interview set about exploring Yack, who they are, what they were about and, as is important for me, how they can make a difference.

It didn’t take long before I realised the unique opportunity Yack presents. A piece of software similar to the likes of Skype but aimed at businesses with a clean look and a simple to use interface. Whether for multiple colleagues, departments or indeed companies it provided one easy and straightforward place to communicate by sharing documents, ideas, plans and an efficient way to collaborate no matter what industry you work in or what job role you have.

Whilst the features and functionality certainly help Yack to stand out the diamond in the crown is not only to record calls but the unique ability to then transcribe those calls into the written word. I have never seen a piece of software that could successfully do this because, simply put, no other software can. I spent time playing with the software both in the run up to and during my interview and am amazed just how well it works and how simple the entire of Yack is to operate.

Now, having joined Alan at Yack, it has been great to see the passion behind this project and see the time that has been put into developing it and continuing to do so. From my own perspective I can see the enormous potential in Yack, how it will be able to improve a company’s communication and effectiveness by being accessible wherever you may be whether you are sitting in the office with your colleagues or on opposite sides of the world, one click and it’s easy.

I look forward to helping Yack develop and grow, working alongside a CEO with a vision and a drive to realise that vision and, ultimately, to helping businesses to be more streamlined and effective and achieve their own goals.


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