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by | Jun 10, 2018 | Audience Benefits

Part two in our series of how different industries can benefit from using in their business.

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Software companies have a difficult job to keep ahead of the game. Not only do the constantly changing technologies make it hard for you to keep your code and processes up to date, but the growing technology sector means that new competitors seem to pop up every week. In this fast moving environment, software companies should be looking for efficiencies and better ways of working. Why? To produce the best results for your clients and to gain that competitive advantage.



Why use three tools to share files, send instant messages and hold video calls when will do all that and more? The system’s unique call recording and transcription feature brings extra visibility, clarity and accountability to your company’s communications. What’s more, has been built by a distributed software company who use it themselves every day. We understand the challenges software companies face and aim to solve them one by one!

Read on to learn about three key benefits of that will make your software development company stand out from the crowd:


Keep everyone on the same page

Yack conversations can be used as a repository for all information relating to specific projects. Firstly, add a description to the room to state the purpose of the conversation. Then, upload documents, paste links to relevant sites and message your colleagues to iron out the details. Video and audio calls also sit in the same area, so no matter whether your discussions were written or verbal, all the information is accessible. It’s also simple for new team members to get up to speed.


One system for all your employees

Stereotypically, different members of staff prefer to use different tools. Project managers may use Google Drive and Skype to share information and keep in contact with colleagues. On the other hand, Slack has traditionally been favoured by developers for communicating with each other. Using one tool, controlled by your organization, means that everyone can talk to one another with no restrictions, and with access to the same functionality.


Belong to different companies on the same login

Software companies often carry out work for multiple clients at the same time. And there are occasions when you need to appear as an employee of your client rather than your own software company. Often this means adopting different job titles, email addresses and logins. On you can belong to multiple organizations on the same account, where conversations attached to different companies display with different logos. has been designed for industries which depend on communication and understand the need for keeping records of it. We think our features allow software companies to gain a full oversight of what they’re working on, but we’d love to know what you think. Create an account, then sign up for a organization and tell us how you get on!


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