Top 5 must have tools for every Personal Assistant

by | Apr 28, 2018 | Audience Benefits

As a Personal Assistant (PA) you are expected to manage multiple tasks at the same time, and often every task is time critical. It is essential that your organisational skills are exemplary. Consequently, when you are time-poor automating aspects of your role becomes crucial. There are many tools on the market, with great features which truly add value to Personal Assistants. These tools add fluidity to project, time and people management tasks. Here we share the top five must have tools every Personal Assistant should have in their tool kit.

1. Wunderlist

This app will transform the way you work – it is technology which brings your to-do list to life. Prompting you when tasks are due, reminding you to send that email or book a restaurant, whatever your task is Wunderlist ensures that you get it done. It also allows you to share your list if you are out of the office. The use of #hashtags allows you to make a list that is truly personalised. Receiving email notifications and being able to access the tool anywhere provides added reassurance that you can always keep on top of your tasks.

2. allows you to record, transcribe and replay phone or video conference calls. Yack’s enhanced voice to text feature allows you to search any query and it recalls the exact point in the call where that query was mentioned. The biggest advantage is that when you search a query you don’t only receive the video transcription but the video playback as well. With you don’t have to worry about any miscommunication and you can revisit a meeting after it has finished. This innovative tool enables a more transparent channel of communication. Conversations are supported by “nudging”, emojis and even “move” and quotation features. All this brings personality, valid interjections and emphasis to points in digital meetings that can sometimes get lost in translation.

3. Google Search

Just as you know your manager’s diary and their needs like the back of your hand, that is exactly what Google search does for you. It allows you to work more quickly because it uses all your previous searches to build a picture about what you’re likely to want to know. It highlights areas of interest and speeds up finding information which is relevant for you.

4. TeamGantt

Project management is one of the main roles and responsibilities of Personal Assistants. TeamGantt is an essential tool for those who manage projects across multiple teams. It allows you to delegate tasks and visually see if your project is running on track. Not only can you converse with your team in one place, TeamGantt allows you to share calendars and export projects into Excel.

5. ScheduleIt

As a Personal Assistant planning is everything. Scheduleit allows you to consider every detail through an interface that enables effective and cohesive communication across teams. It allows you to schedule employees, training, allocation of rooms and facilities, and equipment as well as arranging engineering and planning works. The interactive platform allows multiple and remote users, permitting people to view and update the system on a local network.  It also integrates with over 800 services conveniently synchronising email, SMS, your task manger and many more.


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