Yack Video Competition January 2018

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Product Launch

Calling all software development teams

We are looking for software development teams to make a video showing how they’ve used Yack.net to enable transparency or accountability in their business.

We’d like teams to discuss a topic on an audio or video call. You should then later use the auto-generated transcription to locate the topic in search and replay part of the call. We’d like to see a video of this happening – whether that’s a video of you replaying the final call or a screen capture of the whole experience.

10 prizes of $50 in Amazon vouchers are up for grabs for the 10 best videos we receive before 31st January.

All entries receive a free three month subscription to Yack.net Business500 plan for up to 10 team members.

What is Yack.net?

Yack.net is a team collaboration tool where your calls are automatically transcribed and recorded. You can use the transcript to search for a particular topic and see how it was discussed in meetings with different team members over its development lifecycle.

This is great for geographically distributed software development teams.

Imagine the following scenario

  • You have a call with your customer to discuss a business requirement
  • You discuss the requirement on a call with your UX and design team
  • Then you brief the development team on what they need to build
  • With Yack.net, your testers can immediately find what the customer originally wanted even if they were not present on the original calls where the requirements were discussed

The easiest way to start using Yack.net is through a desktop browser interface. You can also use the Windows 10 desktop app and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

To improve your chance of winning:

  • Include calls that take place at several stages of a project – eg with a customer and then internally within the team
  • Include calls with several participants at different locations
  • Write a blog post about the experience with Yack.net
  • Upload the video to your company’s YouTube channel
  • Tweet it or mention it on LinkedIn using the hashtag #yackvideo

You will need to create an account on Yack.net and then set up a free trial organization for your team. Just let us know if you need an extension to the free trial to complete the video.


  • If the video is uploaded to YouTube, the video must be made public
  • You must agree to our use of the video on Yack.net and elsewhere
  • Make sure you have permission of everyone included in the video and don’t include any commercially sensitive information
  • Email support@yack.net with a subject of “Video Competition” to register your entry
  • Winners will be announced on https://yack.net by 10th February 2018
  • The winners will be decided by the management of Yack.net and their decision is final


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