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by | Oct 27, 2017 | Tips and Tricks

Here at we’re keen to make your business more effective by improving how you communicate with your colleagues. To help get your business started with using, here are the first four things we recommend you do.

Create an organization & invite your colleagues

Setting up an organization lets you access the premium features of, such as being able to record and transcribe your video and audio calls, search through your entire conversation history and easily add your colleagues to the system. What’s more, you’ll get a free 7 day trial, with no credit card required.

To create an organization, click on the ‘Add an organization’ button from your Organization Settings menu. Give your organization a name, and that’s it, you’re ready to go!

Let the rest of your business also benefit from the premium features. Invite your colleagues to join your organization by uploading a CSV file. Alternatively, if you have admin access for your company’s email address, you can set it up so that any new user with your email extension automatically gets added to your organization. The super quick way to get your whole business started!

Create group conversations & transcribe a call

Start improving your business communication by creating conversations – known as yacks – with different teams or departments. Members of your organization can be added to conversations in a couple of clicks. Select ‘New yack’ and in the first box start typing the name of someone you want to add. Their name should appear below – just click on their name or press enter to add them.

Once your colleagues have joined the conversation, you can start a video or audio call with them. Click the phone icon towards the top right of the screen, then select the ‘Record and transcribe’ mode. A few minutes after the call has finished, it can be replayed, and the transcript of the call will be available to view. Now everyone will be able to access what was said, even if they weren’t on the call.

Add a profile photo & your business’ branding

Customising both your own and your business’ profile on is a great way to make it more a part of your company. Adding a profile photo is also a friendly way to better connect with your colleagues and makes it easy for them to see who they’re talking to.

To upload a profile photo, click on the Settings icon and then select Personalise. You can select any photo to upload – will resize and centre it for you. Once you’re done, click Save Changes and your happy face will instantly be updated in your avatar.

To customise your organization with your company branding, go to your organization settings. There’s the option to upload a larger logo which appears at the top of any yacks attached to your organization. You can also upload a smaller logo which appears next to the name of each organization member. These images can be any size and dimension, as the system will resize them to fit. Give it a go and make your own.

Choose a plan & start a subscription

To make sure you don’t lose access to your messages and call recordings when your organization trial expires, you’ll need to sign up to a paid plan. There are three different tiers available, suitable for all sizes of company, from small businesses to large corporations. Per user billing also means that you only need to pay for the people who need access.

To find out more information about the plans and how much it would cost your organization, click on the Sign up for paid plan tab in your organization settings (if you are the Owner of your organization). Once you’ve signed up, you can cancel at any time from the Billing section of your organization settings, although we’re confident you won’t want to!


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