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by | Sep 29, 2017 | Audience Benefits

You’ve found a fantastic person for the vacant role in your company – great work! But there’s still lots more to do to make sure they settle in as quickly as possible once they start. One of the biggest challenges a new member of staff faces is the onboarding process – having to take on board a whole load of important information in a short space of time. This is where comes in.

As a business communication and collaboration tool, provides a simple way for employers to share knowledge with new members of staff, all with just a couple of clicks. First, add your new employee to your organization. Then follow these three steps to onboard them with ease.

Provide everything they need to know in one place

The first week of a new job can be overwhelming. You’re deluged with information from various sources but know you won’t be able to remember it all. As an employer it’s a great idea to keep all this info in a single, easily accessible, place. Create a yack conversation specifically for onboarding new employees which contains all the documents and forms that they’ll need. You could even encourage new staff to ask questions in the yack and nominate someone to reply to them. If you have a larger company, recently joined employees could pass on tips and ‘things I wished I’d known’, creating a sort of knowledge base that keeps on getting added to.

Allow employees to catch up in their own time

You want your new colleague to learn about what it is they’ll be working on, but inevitably there’s lots of background that has come before it. Let your employee get up to speed in their own time by adding them to relevant conversations on, so they can read the discussion history and pick up the details. While an initial briefing is always a good idea, allowing the new starter to browse through old messages and even re-watch past meetings gives them a better feel for their work than a quick overview ever could.

Encourage them to introduce themselves to their colleagues

Existing employees may want to welcome their new colleague but not quite have the time, or know where they’re sat to say hello in person. Encouraging new employees to create conversations with members of their team allows them to introduce themselves and start creating friendly working relationships from day one. The new employee can also upload a profile photo so that everyone can put a face to the new name and know who to look out for.

First days are always hard, both for the new employee and the employer, but using as part of your business communication toolkit allows more effective onboarding of your new employees. And as properly onboarded employees start contributing to your company earlier, it’s a win win situation!


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