10 ways to be more productive at work with Yack.net

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Tips and Tricks

The trick to being more productive at work can more or less be summed up by the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’. Yack.net has been designed to make your working life more efficient with a number of features that save you time in your day-to-day communication. See our top 10 tips below.

1) . Make all your communication searchable. Instead of hunting around for those project details, use Yack.net to record and transcribe your audio or video calls so that all conversations are accessible. Search for a word or phrase and everything that has been written or said will be displayed.

2). Quote messages in conversations with others. When people in different conversations need to be kept in the loop about what’s going on, use the quote features to save you typing out the information again. This also lets you keep the context of who said what, which isn’t possible with copying and pasting.

3). Start a conversation with one click. You can create a conversation with someone you’re already connected with by clicking on their name in your contacts book. If a conversation already exists, clicking on their name takes you straight there.

4). Only be notified about what’s important. Yack.net allows you to customise your notifications based on the priority setting you give to each yack, your online/busy/offline status, and depending on which device you’re using. Stay in control of your conversations.

5). Have a private conversation within a group chat. Need to quickly message a colleague when you’re in the middle of a group conversation? Send a nudge, which is a message only the two of you can see – no need to create a new conversation.

6). See multiple conversations at the same time. Use the merge feature to combine different conversations together. Useful if you want to view all messages on the same topic, held with different people, in the same place.

7). Sign in instantly. You can sign in to Yack.net with social media – Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – so no need to remember emails or passwords. If you do want to use an email address and password, you can add multiple emails to your account so you never have to remember which one you’ve registered with.

8). Use whatever device you have to hand. Yack.net will soon be available on Android and as Windows and Mac desktop apps, as well as on the web and on iOS. Switch between devices and all your conversations are automatically synced. Even pass a call from one device to another while it’s in progress.

9). Easily add your colleagues. Increase the productivity of your whole team by inviting them to Yack.net. Attach a specific email extension to your organization so people can be automatically added to it when they create a Yack.net account. Alternatively, bulk upload people from a CSV file.

10). Avoid sending wasted messages. Quickly check if the other person you’re in a conversation with is online or not, by looking underneath the conversation name in the left hand menu. Reduce time waiting for replies from people who have gone to lunch.

Yack.net is a business collaboration tool that can improve communication and productivity in your company. Give us a try today by signing up for an account.


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