Yack.net Update Notes (12 September 17)

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Update Notes

A new update went live on 12th September 2017. The main focus of this update is the upcoming release of the iOS app, which should be in the Apple Store in the next few weeks. We’ve been working on the iOS app for a few months now and so we’re excited to finally unveil it!

iOS App Features & Improvements

  • Native video and audio calls
  • Customised design for calls. We have introduced an interface that uses aspects of the iOS call display so users feel familiar with the layout and experience
  • Playback of calls & improved design
  • Ability to switch calls from one device to another
  • Added speaker functionality
  • Improvements to the way the app asks for permissions to enable microphone, camera and push notifications

We’ve also fixed a number of issues affecting the whole system (not just the iOS app).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing various errors when playing back recorded videos
  • Improving quality of video playback with 8 participants on the call
  • Blocking the ability to be on multiple calls at the same time (web version only – this is possible on the iOS app)
  • You can no longer quote a message into a non-existing yack


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