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Projects come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes your staff don’t have the right strengths or skillsets for the job at hand. Luckily, that’s when freelancers can help save the day. With professionals in copywriting, design, development, marketing and sales, working with freelancers can help your business grow. But, it can be a bit of a skill to work with them effectively. We at understand that communication is key when taking on a new freelancer, and have produced some helpful tips to help boost efficiency when using our platform.

Add Freelancers as Guest Members

Freelancers are often part-time employees and can work on multiple projects for various companies at a time. With you can keep your employees separate from your freelancers. As a member of an Organization, you can add a freelancer as a guest member which gives them temporary access to your Organization. This means that they’ll be able to interact with Organization members who are invited into conversations with them. However, they won’t have the power to interact with other members or invite extra people to your Organization. In addition, the branding you set up on your Organization will show who your guests are without them being camouflaged.

What you choose to do with your freelancers after the project is completely up to you. We have incorporated a feature which enables you to remove guests from your Organization but still keep their content within the conversations. You’ll be able to keep the work they produce on your system, although they won’t be attached to the project any longer. Alternatively, if you wish to keep the freelancer on for future projects, you can officially add them to the Organization. They’ll become a member and have the upgraded access as with your other employees.

Set up Group Conversations

A group conversation can sound like chaos, but when working with freelancers you often need to make sure they are talking to the right people. Creating an initial conversation with everyone assigned to the project will greatly help your freelancer. There’s no need for usernames or email addresses and they won’t need to wait until everyone has accepted their friend request. will update their contacts page with everyone they are connected to via conversations. This means they’ll be able to contact the appropriate person for the job instantly.

As a bonus, you can also merge all your conversations with your freelancer for a unique view on Merging conversations only changes your view for that yack, and not for everyone else. By merging all your conversations with your freelancer, you can see the whole history of everything that was discussed. Different conversations are presented in various colours so you’ll be able to distinguish which yacks are which.

Record and Transcribe Calls

When setting up calls whilst working with freelancers on, make sure you choose to record and transcribe the call. Video calls are a quick and easy way to communicate with your employees and when a freelancer is working away from the office, it is economical to set up conference calls rather than paying them to travel to your business. Furthermore, offers speech to text transcription so you won’t need to keep notes from the meeting. Once the call has ended, the transcription will be available to all members of the conversation for reference to project details, terms and assignments. Storing all your video and textual conversations on will help keep all information in one place, which is less painful than searching through multiple platforms. You will have the power to search through your conversations to find the relevant material you need at the right time.

Send Nudges

If there’s ever a time when your freelancer is not responding to his conversations, perhaps an email or push notification would help speed things along. Nudges are private messages sent in-conversation between two people. Only the receiver will see the nudge and will be alerted using mobile push notifications, emails or desktop alerts (Notification settings can be configured on the platform). You should encourage your freelancers to download the mobile app on their device so they are also available to be contacted on the go.

Make Conversations Smarter

If your freelancer has been added part way through a project, you may want to consider adding them to older conversations. As soon as they’ve been added to a yack, they will be able to see the entire history of it. This way they can get up to speed in their own time rather than you having to bombard them with lots of messages.

Alternatively, if there is sensitive information in those discussions, you may want to consider quoting important messages to your new conversation. A quoted message will retain information on who sent it even if the original message gets deleted later.

Freelancers can be a great addition to your team, and working with them on allows you all to benefit from features that aren’t available on other instant messaging apps. Make the switch to below and see how working with your freelancers becomes that much smoother.


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