Yack.net Update Notes (24 Aug 17)

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Update Notes

A new update went live on 24th August 2017. There are a few new improvements that fix a lot of issues listed below:

New Features

  • Added the ability to switch to a different device whilst in-call. This will be more practical when the mobile and desktop apps are launched. However, the Desktop apps for Mac and Windows will be released soon.
  • Added the ability to import .csv files when adding multiple users to an Organization.
  • Implemented a banner to prompt users to update Yack.net when a new update is released.
  • We upgraded our email sender for our system. Users will now receive emails about their yacks quicker than before.

Bug Fixes

  • Safari users were experiencing banners stating they were offline.
  • Yack.net returns a helpful message rather than an error when trying to view from a private Safari tab. This is due to local storage issues.
  • Prevented users from receiving notifications to yacks they are no longer a member of.
  • New user invitations now show name of yack rather than name of inviter.
  • Calls
    • When in call, add restriction to stop users removing other users to prevent crashing and call failures.
    • Call UX improved.
    • Videos now open when transcription does not contain information
  • Organizations
    • Improvements to Yack.net Organization conversations and invitations.
    • Fixed an issue regarding the Organization logo disappearing after upload.
    • Fixed a bug preventing uploading files in Firefox
    • Fixes to Organization banners
    • Users cannot move or quote messages to yacks owned by expired Organization subscriptions
  • Fixed Search, File Upload, and Reset Password UI issues.

We are have recently launched the product and welcome new users to sign up to the system. Click here to learn more about our launch.


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