Yack.net Update Notes (16 Aug 17)

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Update Notes

A new update went live on 16th August 2017. We added some new features to the platform as well as a few bug fixes, listed in the blog post below:

New Improvements

  • New and improved call design on mobile devices. This mainly focuses on the audio calls and how buttons should display. We have introduced an interface that takes aspects of Android and iOS call displays. Users should feel familiar with these layouts and the experience. When a user is in an audio call or decides not to show their video, we have amended the design to react correctly instead of providing a complicated layout.
  • Recording now starts when at least 2 users are in the call. Previously shown that the initial caller would be shown as waiting for other users to arrive.
  • Added informative message when other call participant rejects the call.
  • Email invitations to organization yacks now show the large organization logo at the top of the email. This happens only when a logo has been added in the Branding settings.
  • You can now delete files from conversations. To delete a file, you can:
    • Hover over the file in the conversation. Click on the arrow to the right to open message settings and choose Delete.
    • Open the “files” section of the conversation by clicking on the conversation settings. Choose “Show files only” or choosing “Files” in the Show section of the header. Find your file in the list of attachments. Delete by pressing the bin icon in the top right corner.
    • If you have an organization you can visit your Organization Settings, and within the “Manage Files” section you can delete files from organization conversations.

Bug fixes

  • Pending calls now are ended automatically when a user goes offline.
  • Small fix to compatibility on Edge and Firefox. Users can now download organization statements.
  • Fixes to notifications regarding adding and removing members from organizations.
  • Fixed certain characters not displaying correctly in push notifications.
  • Pasting an image from your clipboard into Yack.net no longer causes a crash.

We are still in alpha testing and welcome new users to sign up to test the system. Click here to learn more about alpha testing.


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