5 reasons why you should transcribe conference calls

by | May 6, 2017 | Advice in the Workplace

Conference calls can be tricky. Even after you’ve battled with the technology and everyone has finally joined it, you somehow need to listen, take notes and participate, often at the same time! Plus, once it’s finished and you’ve finally agreed on everyone’s action points, you have to brief your colleague who wasn’t able to make the meeting, wasting your time and maybe even misinterpreting what was said.

When you record and transcribe calls, you introduce a simple way to make your meetings run more smoothly, and make your life easier. Here are five reasons why you should try transcribing your next call:


Knowing that there will be a transcription of what was said means that you can put down the notebook and pen, and focus on the meeting. Conversations aren’t slowed down by someone trying to scribble down notes, so the discussion flows more easily. Although transcripts are unlikely to be 100% accurate, meeting minutes are quicker to create when there’s something to work from. In addition, transcripts are often timestamped so you can find the section of conversation you want to refer back to more easily.


Ever thought you had agreed something with a colleague on a call, only to find a month later that they remembered nothing about it? Recording and transcribing your calls is a surefire way to ensure that there’s a record of what was said, by whom, and when. Misunderstandings are less likely to arise as you can simply replay the call and remind yourself or others of the conversation. Fewer disagreements and less confusion makes for a happier, more productive team.


Transcribed calls become a text conversation like any other, meaning that they can become searchable. Using the call transcription feature on Yack.net puts the transcript alongside written messages and file names in search, so calls are put in the context of your other conversations. In addition, Yack.net allows you to jump straight into replaying any point of the call directly from search, which also directs you to the relevant section of the transcript.


If someone wasn’t able to be on the conference call, having a transcription of it means that they can catch up afterwards, in their own time. This removes the need for subsequent meetings, and means no-one’s views will be accidentally misrepresented by being repeated. On Yack.net, if calls take place in a group room, any member of that room can view the recording and read the transcript, even if they weren’t on the call.


Keeping a record of your calls allows you to review the meeting afterwards and assess where it could be improved. Perhaps the attendees veered from the agenda and the meeting overran by 15 minutes? Maybe some of the people didn’t need to be in the meeting and so didn’t contribute? Replaying calls, especially video calls, allows you to pinpoint how your meetings could be made more effective.

Of course, conference calls will always have some problems (they rely on people, after all!), but creating a transcription of them will make your working life that little bit easier.

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